Stamped Concrete


Our crew will complete our project from start to finish.  From site prep, grading, addition of compacted stone, and placing and finishing concrete, our crew will do it all.

Our Finishers

Our finishers are members of Local 132 Concrete Finishers Union.  We pay our men a fair wage, and our customers get expert craftsmanship.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Do you set the forms and do all the site work required?  Yes, we do all the site work and set all forms.
  • Can you remove existing concrete?  YES, we can demo and remove your old patio, driveway, sidewalks or pool deck.
  • How is the color added to the concrete?  We us a method called dry shake.  The color is spread over the top of the concrete.  There are several advantages to using this method.  First, the surface will be harder, up to twice as hard surface as broomed fnished concrete.  Second, it gives the surface some elasticity, which gives you a much better and realistic stamp impression.  Finally, as it wears, it will look more natural, you won't see the sand fines that you see wit integral colored concrete.